Captain Marvel. She is badass. Please make a movie about her, Marvel people, I swear I will go see it and take all of my friends.

"Time travel is not a Carol Danvers problem. You can’t blast it, punch it, outrun it or throw it into space. Time travel is a Reed Richards problem. Tony Stark, maybe — Protocols… I know we have Avengers time travel protocols. I just need to remember what they are… Don’t step on butterflies…? Something about butterflies.
"Spider-Woman was right. There should be a handbook."


Regarding the “can it happen?” female superhero movie debate — I can’t believe we are still talking about this in 2013, you guys. OF COURSE you can make a compelling superhero movie with a female lead. WHY WOULDN’T YOU? The situation has gone beyond infuriating and into hilarious, almost. *le sigh*